PSTDL Gains a PhD Student

Elijah Cobb graduated with his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and decided to stay at the PSTDL during his Ph.D.

PSTDL Featured in Aerospace America
Hiring a Undergraduate Research Assistant
Student Engineers Build a Lunar Rover—and Win BIG.

Michigan Tech creates video touring the PSTDL.

PSTDL wins award in NASA Break the Ice Challenge

Team LIQUID including the PSTDL receives an award of $25,000 as a runner-up.

PSTDL Submits 'LIQUID' to NASA Break the Ice

The PSTDL submitted a proposal to the NASA Break the Ice centennial challenge with the Lunar Ice QUest Innovative Design (LIQUID) rover design.

Dr. van Susante Presents T-REX at SRR/PTMSS 2021
Dr. van Susante Presents the PSTDL at SRR/PTMSS 2021
Dr. van Susante Presents LuSTR at SRR/PTMSS 2021
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RT @paulvans: Go Astrobotic for winning mission scenario 1 for Watts on the Moon Challenge

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RT @paulvans: Congrats to @astrobotic @mtu_pstdl @wingod for winning the grand prizes in the 3 scenarios. Also congrats to the runners up!

PSTDL Wins NASA Watts on the Moon Challenge

The PSTDL won the $100,000 grand prize for their proposed system of tethered rovers that unspool superconducting wire into the crater for delivering power from a power plant to a water extraction plant inside a crater.

Dr. van Susante Presents T-REX at LSIC 2021

Dr. Paul van Susante presents the PSTDL's T-REX rover that won the NASA BIG Idea 2020 Competition at the Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium 2021 conference.

PSTDL Gains a PhD Student

Jason Noe has joined the PSTDL to work on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering under the direction of Dr. Paul van Susante.

PSTDL Gains a PhD Student

Travis Wavrunek has joined the PSTDL to work on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering under the direction of Dr. Paul van Susante.

PSTDL Wins LuSTR Proposal

The PSTDL at Michigan Technological University is one of six U.S. universities which have been selected by NASA for the LuSTR solicitation. The goal of LuSTR is to develop lunar-focused research, to bring about advancements in in-situ resource utilization and sustainable power solutions. The PSTDL will develop a percussive cone penetrometer to determine mechanical characteristics of lunar soil, and to prospect for water-ice and volatiles.

T-REX Wins NASA BIG Idea 2020

The T-REX team received the Artemis Award from Director of NASA, Jim Bridenstine. The team won the Artemis award for presenting at the NASA BIG Idea 2020 conference.

PSTDL T-REX Team Presents at NASA BIG IDEA 2020

The T-REX team presented at the BIG IDEA 2020 conference. Following their presentation, the T-REX team had a Q&A with NASA scientists and the public.

Podcast: Humanity and Beyond

In this episode with special guest Paul van Susante, Assistant Professor at Michigan Tech University, we discussed many of the challenges that are unique to Mars for ISRU. Challenges such as...

Podcast: Cold Star Project

Dr. Paul van Susante comes with the heritage of the Colorado School of Mines, but is a professor at Michigan Technological University. He is well-known in the Lunar and Mars construction & ISRU field, contributing to CLASS and as co-Investigator on several experiments...

PSTDL Team Selected to Compete in NASA BIG Idea 2020

The PSTDL was awarded a grand to develop a small rover to lay lightweight, superconducting cable that tethers to a lander as it traverses craters in permanently shadowed regions. Once in its final destination, the rover acts as a recharging hub and communication relay for other robots working in the area, providing continuous power without requiring direct sunlight.

Breaking Rocks, Making Water: The Secret Formula for a Trip to Mars?

Michigan Tech researchers have been awarded a NASA grant to study ways to extract water from gypsum rock on Mars, bringing a human trip to the red planet closer to reality.