A 3-axis autonomous gravity offloading device located within a lunar simulant chamber.




pjvansusDr. Paul van Susante
dkbrouseDana Brouse
tawavrunTravis Wavrunek


ejcobbElijah Cobb


The Infrared Gravity Offloading (IRGO) device is an active 3-axis crane inside the PSTDL lunar simulant sandbox that continuously positions itself over an object with a constant upward force simulating lunar gravity by tracking with an infrared LED.

Technical Details

  • X & Y axis are positioned by a control loop referencing the relative offset of the LED
  • Z axis will provide continuous upward force to simulate lunar gravity
  • Stepper motors for accuracy
  • Controlled by IR tracking or manual control with keyboard/controller
  • Only requirement is that the tether is attached to the center of gravity.
  • Written entirely in C++ using OpenCV